The students of the School of Visual Arts MFA in Products of Design program present a series of interactions that explore how we experience new design. Through a roving set of mobile interventions, visitors to the show participate in an unfolding narrative around celebration, sustainability, digital mediation, storytelling, and scale, each expanding the conversation around design beyond form, function, and materiality. A smartphone kaleidoscope exposes the distortion of constantly consuming experiences through our screens; a set of Viewmasters lets us peer into speculations around the unseen, “un”wanted, and marginalized; a sound crew with microphones and headphones invites visitors to listen in on the untold stories of objects; a digital microscope on a remote cable reveals hidden design details invisible to the naked eye; and a diecutting station prompts guests to transform their printed materials, ennobling ephemera and inviting visitors to reflect their experiences to one another. Through this series of moving, participatory installations, the work hacks the exhibition at large, prompting visitors to see design through a variety of new lenses.


ALSO! at Wanted Design, NYC.
18-20 May, 2013, 10AM-7PM Daily. Preview, 17 May, 5PM-10PM.
The Tunnel, 11th Ave., between

27th and 28th Streets.

  • Stations!

    No. 1―BOOM

    Objects would have a lot to tell us if only they could speak.

  • No. 2―HERE

    Design moments, living unassumingly within the exhibition space.

  • No. 3―MASK

    Ephemera into facade―catalogue to camouflage via die-cutting.

  • No. 4―TINY

    How very different the world appears when scale is amplified.

  • No. 5―WARP

    The show via kaleidoscope; composition through a variety of filters.

  • Bonus Track!―LIFT

    Your telephone, on a journey, to and from a vantage point high above.

    BOOM Voiceovers

  • Jason Schuler
  • Anna Foss Wilson


  • Samantha Hinds
  • Marko Manriquez
  • Lief Mangelsen
  • Boris Klompus